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It's hard to believe that almost eighteen years have passed since Haysi Fantayzee gave the British music scene a much-needed dose of fun and whimsey. After years of annihilist punk anthems and pompous New Romantic proclamations, it was time for a style and sound that could either be eye and ear candy and nothing more, or a playful jab at social hypocrisy.

These days Kate, Jeremy, and Paul are energetically pursuing their own creative endeavours. Jeremy is in constant demand as a DJ, and Kate has jumped back into the music arena after a wildly successful career as a photographer. She taught herself to play the ukulele, and has completed demos for 'Lucifer/Sideways of Red', her first single since collaborating with William Orbit for 1984's 'Love Me Like a Rocket'. Smacking of hillbilly and dance and something ethereal besides, 'Lucifer' will be issued through her own imprint, iDOt, on One Little Indian, home of Björk, with whom Garner has collaborated on stunning images. Inspired by Haysi fan Patrick Wolf, who recently solicited 100k from his fan base to record his new record, Kate is going with the modern and artist-emancipated method of issuing music. She's giving her fans the chance to play music executive - trade cash for credit and points and be active in the public release of 'Lucifer/Sideways of Red'.

Message from Kate:

Kate GarnerHi, it's Haysi Kate,

I've been writing new songs on my ukelele and am going to go with the modern way of getting two of them out, by getting investiture from my fans and friends in exchange for shares in the final product. On this page are demos of my songs, "LUCIFER/SIDEWAYS" that I recorded with my friend David Pringuer from the Mighty Roars, at home on Hoxton Square, London with some friends. I will record them properly and bring them out as A/B sides of a single in all formats (digital, CD, vinyl) through my imprint IDOt, which goes through ONE LITTLE INDIAN records.

To record, get remixes and promote the record I need to raise £10,000 (see below).

One Little Indian/Universal will distribute the CDs and the Vinyl and insure that the digital versions are on all online stores.

In return for backing the project, you will be listed as a co-producer on a the iDot web page and will get a share of publishing and mechanical royalties according to the amount of investment (see below):

As the budget accrues I'll begin to record the tracks with David Pringuer from the Mighty Roars and do remixes with Jeremy Healy, my ex -Haysi partner.

Financial records pertaining to sales of the tracks will be available for your inspection through iDot/Indian. Royalties will be paid to you directly through Paypal.

See the letter of support from Derek Birkett, owner of One Little Indian here.

Hey - Thanks for your support,


To read a press release and listen to the tracks, please follow this link.

Last updated July 19, 2009