Jeremy was one third of the early eighties pop group Haysi Fantyzee, doing front man duties and male vocals. Haysi bandmates Kate Garner and Paul Caplin went on to become a world famous photographer and the record producer responsible for Marilyn, respectively. But Jeremy's relationship with George goes back to their teenage years growing up in London inspiring each other to further and further over the top fashion and attitude. After the untimely demise of Haysi, Jeremy searched his fortunes in a group called Bonaventura and writing jingles for such high-profile clients as Kodak and Pepsi. He kept his hand in the pop music industry, though, working as a successful DJ and occasionally producing tracks for friends and new talents.

One of those production jobs was a selection of tracks on Boy George's "Tense Nervous Headache" He was also responsible for the highly sought after Business Mix of George's "Live My Life". This single features street rapper MC Cyndee, and the dual vocals may be the inspiration for E-zee Possee's revolving vocalists attitude. His first More Protein release (in fact, More Protein's first release) came about in an unusual way. He approached George with a instrumental dance track full of wild rhythms and samples from Jimi Hendrix, Lost In Space, and classical music. George felt it needed vocals, and suggested MC Kinky. Together, they worked out a melody and lyric and took the track to various labels. They were met with a resounding "NO" everywhere they went. Not for lack of substance, but for the inclusion of substance! The lyrics were full of blatant drug references, but it was an ANTI drug rant if you choose to believe MC Kinky's take. Nonplussed, George finally decided to front the money himself and pressed up enough copies to get him in the door at the best clubs in London. The song became a theme of sorts to the countless Raves around the country and Virgin decided to give in and release the record. But it wasn't until it's THIRD release in 1989 that the song broke the top 20 and a video was made. Jeremy & possee weren't allowed on Top Of The Pops to promote the record, and no one was brave enough to show the video. The song proved itself on it's own, however and is still the proud flagship for the label. E-zee Possee continued on, releasing and rereleasing singles cumulating in the album "The Bone Dance" featuring a whopping 14 vocalists. Jeremy has decided to now focus more on his DJ career, but lends a hand as remixer or songwriter when the time is right. (As witnessed on the recent projects with Amos, "Stomp!" and "Argentina"). Recent remixes of several classic E-zee Possee hits ("Everything Starts With An E", "Love On Love" and "Breathing Is E-zee") have been issued on the new More Protein, and hint at a reissue of the album. The first release of the album was rushed out before Virgin pulled the plug on the original More Protein and proper promotion was never seen.

2004 saw the launch of Healy's latest recording project, Seraphim Suite, collaborating with a variety of featured vocalists including Mica Paris on the first single "Heart" (Inferno Records). His disc jockey duties between 2004 and 2006 included residencies with Miss Moneypennys in Ibiza and Cyprus, plus regular UK dates with Empire, Love to Be, Time Flies, Syndicate, Kool Waters, Naughty But Nice, and overseas events in Dubai, Mediterranean, United States and Brazil. He also continued his involvement with designers Dior, Galliano and the Victoria's Secrets fashion house (he has been musical director for every annual VS show from 2001 onwards), plus the Pret a Porter International Fashion Fair in Paris. During 2007 he undertook the musical director's role for Gwen Stefani's Lamb fashion label, The Golden Age of Couture at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Naomi Campbell's Fashion For Relief, the Parisian jewellers Chaumet, plus the launch of J-Lo's fashion wear. 2007 also saw production credits on a Gwen Stefani album and remix credits for "Wind It Up".

Healy is currently working on a new studio project, and several remixes. Guest DJ residencies include Attica in Shanghai and Singapore, United Kingdom of Dance, The Empire, DY5, Club 2K, Nakatcha and Boujis in the UK, plus Belmont in Perth, Australia. He is married to actress Patsy Kensit.