October 2013

Pete will be appearing on Channel 5's Celebrity Wedding Planner on Friday, October 11 at 10:00 p.m.

November 2012

Pete Burns/Dead or Alive are now OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED to appear on 'The Hit Factory - Christmas Cracker' Live Event at The 02 Arena, London on the 21st December 2012.

Please find relevant ticket links below:

October 2012

Steve has just confirmed that Pete has been booked to appear on the German TV programme 'THE ULTIMATE CHART SHOW' for 'I & U' / STERN TV. The show will feature Pete performing 'You Spin Me Round', and is focused on the theme of 'New Years Eve' Party Anthems.We will make a later announcement confirming the broadcast date of the programne so that German fans can tune in.

Steve has also confirmed that Pete has recently completed filimg four TV shows for U.K T.V's 'E4 Channel' BODY SHOCKING Series, where Pete acts as a Special Presenter at the Phallalogical Museum in Iceland and other locations, reporting on such diverse topics as 'Extreme Genital Piercing', Scarification and Tattooing. Pete is in rare form and this is 'Must see TV for all DorA's'.

August 2012

Happy Birthday, Pete!! We want to thank all of Pete's amazing fans, who have sent birthday greetings via Facebook (click the link and add your good wishes to the thread!) and the site. You're all stars!

Pete will be appearing on The Hit Factory : The Stock Aitken and Waterman Story (ITV1) on Monday August 6th at 9:00 PM.

July 2012

Unfortunately, due to weather conditions, the Hit Factory Live has been cancelled. For more information and ticket refund procedures, click here.

June 2012

Pete will be on 'Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side on Friday June 6th (11PM Channel 5), on June 6th at 11PM (Channel 5) as well as the 13th and 27th.

We are pleased to present you these exclusive and VERY LIMITED EDITION T-shirts, all approved by Pete and Steve.

Order -
Web -

March 2012

March 15- happy birthday, Steve!

Pete will be on The One Show on BBC1, March 13th at 7pm.

January 2012

Pete will be on 'Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side on Friday January 27th.

We've received inquiries from fans about a Twitter account in Pete's name. Please be aware that Pete does not use Twitter, and any accounts bearing his name and likeness are fakes.

Pete will be on 'Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side on Friday January 6th (11PM Channel 5), Monday the 9th (11PM Channel 5), Monday the 16th and Monday the 23rd.

November 2011

Pete recorded a funny VT for Big Brother's Bit On The Side, which should be shown on Nov. 9th or 10th.

Pete will be on Big Brother's Bit On The Side on November 10 (11:00 p.m. on Channel 5)

Pete will be appearing on on Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side on Saturday November 5 at 10:40 p.m. (Channel 5).

October 2011

Pete will be appearing on 'Celebrity Come Dine With Me' the week of October 10-14. (5.30pm on Channel 4)

September 2011

Pete will be featured in the October issue of Ponystep magazine.

Steve Coy will be releasing all of the old masters and songs in albums to download early next year. This will include old, previously unreleased songs that fans have heard in the Japanese concerts etc, etc .
More news to come!

Pete will be appearing on OK! TV (Channel 5) on Thursday the 22nd at 6:25 pm.

Pete will be appearing on Big Brother's Bit On The Side the week of September 26-30.

Catch Pete on C5 on September 9 at 11:00 p.m.!

Pete will be appearing on OK Magazine (UK) on Tuesday September 20th. The piece will include amazing new photos.

Pete will be appearing on on Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side on Friday September 9.

We've also got the transcript of the August 21, 2011 Facebook chat with Pete posted.

August 2011

Newly designed website coming soon, featuring stunning photography by Michael.

Pete will be in the August 29 edition of the Daily Star. The article will include photos and an interview about last week's appearance on CBB's Bit on the Side.

Pete will be on Celebrity Big Brother's Bit On The Side TV show all this week. From Monday to Friday the show starts at 11 PM on C5. On Saturday and Sunday, it will be airing on the 5* channel. The times for the show are 10.15 PM on Saturday, and 11.00 PM on Sunday.

The Facebook chat with Pete was a huge success! Thanks to Pete and Michael.

Pete Burns (of Dead Or Alive) Bristar Records - OFFICIAL GROUP
Presents :
PETE BURNS LIVE Q&A session on Facebook.

Pete will be logged on for 1 hour and ready to answer your questions !!!
Beginning at 8.00 PM and running until until 9.00 PM London time.

Time Zones :
August 21st 11am Alaska / Noon PST / 2pm Chicago / 3pm EST / 9pm France - Italy
August 22nd 3am Hong Kong / 4am Japan / Sydney 5am / 6am Brisbane
*** If you attend the chat, please remember to refresh your browser periodically to ensure that you don't miss any new questions and answers.
*** During the Q&A session Pete will post under Michael's name.

Pete Burns (of Dead Or Alive) Bristar Records - OFFICIAL GROUP will host the event
Mark this special event on your calendar !!!

August 5th- Happy Birthday Pete!!! Much love and best wishes from the entire fanbase. Be sure to join Pete Burn's official Facebook group and leave your best wishes.

July 2011

Pete will be appearing on the Trannyshack stage at Summer Rites Remixed on Sunday, July 10th.

June 2011

Pete will be appearing live at Popstarz on Saturday July 9. More info at

March 2011

March 15- Happy Birthday Steve!!

January 2011

Pete will be performing at the 'Carpet Burn' Birthday Party at The Eagle in London on 12th February.

December 2010

Pete will be appearing on '50 Greatest Plastic Surgery shockers' - Saturday 4th December at 9.25pm on E4

November 2010

Pete will appear on “PRIMETIME: CELEBRITY PLASTIC SURGERY GONE TOO FAR?” Wednesday, November 24 (10:00 – 11:00 p.m. ET.) on ABC.

Pete's interview in REVEAL magazine is now out!!!

'Pete Burns' Alternative 80s Videos' will air on MTV Classic on 6th November at 12pm for the first time.

EPG: Dead or Alive front man Pete Burns controversially talks through five hours of videos from some of the most influential artists of the 80s. Will Pete have a good word to say about any of them? Tune in to find out.

October 2010

That's the Way I Like It- the Best of Dead Or Alive is scheduled for an October 25 release!! No less than ten of the tracks are appearing on CD for the first time, and it is the first-ever chronological compilation covering the Epic years.

In bringing together the original 7” mixes of every UK single released on Epic for the very first time, That’s The Way I Like It is the definitive DoA collection.

  1. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (3:16)
  2. That's The Way (I Like It) (7" Version) (3:05)
  3. Lover Come Back (To Me) (3:06)
  4. In Too Deep (7" Remix) (3:50)
  5. My Heart Goes Bang (Get Me To The Doctor) (7" Version) (3:02)
  6. Brand New Lover (7'' Single Mix) (3:35)
  7. Something In My House (7" Single Mix) (3:48 )
  8. Hooked On Love (La Vie En Rose Mix) (3:38 )
  9. I'll Save You All My Kisses (Remix) (3:27)
  10. Turn Around And Count 2 Ten (7'' Single Mix) (4:48 )
  11. Come Home With Me Baby (7" Mix) (3:50)
  12. Misty Circles (7" Version) (3:47)
  13. What I Want (Original 7" Version) (3:22)
  14. I'd Do Anything (7" Version) (4:02)
  15. Lover Come Back (To Me) (Extended Remix) (5:50)
  16. My Heart Goes Bang (U.S. Wipeout Mix) (6:42)
  17. Something In My House (Mortevicar Mix) (6:57)
  18. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) (Murder Mix) (8:00)

Buy at: Amazon | HMV | Play

September 2010

Pete will be performing LIVE at Carpet Burn 2nd Birthday Bash on October 9! Included in the set are some of the Dead or Alive classics plus his new single 'Never Marry An Icon'.
Location: Eagle London, 349 Kennington Lane, Vauxhall SE11 5QY

Join the Pete Burns (of Dead Or Alive) Bristar Records - OFFICIAL GROUP

'Never Marry an Icon' is now available for download on iTunes and other major music websites!!!!

Download a Press Release

August 2010

Message from Rose:

Last night the boys gave me a sneak preview of 'Never Marry an Icon'. It's been in my MP3 player ever since.

We all know that Pete could take any song and turn it into something that manages to be stylish, racy, and provocative all at once. So I had high expectations for this latest project. I was not disappointed.

'Never Marry an Icon' is a hard-hitting and propulsive track, with synth accents very reminiscent of recent Dirty Disco songs. Lots of aggressive dance beats and synthesizer riffs swirl around Pete's distinctive vocals. As for the lyrics, they're 'pure Pete'. I think I could recognize one of his singles by the cheeky, semi-autobiographical content alone. When you hear it for yourselves, you'll know exactly what I mean.

The track is being released via Steve's digital label, Bristar Records. As soon as it's available on iTunes and other commercial music download sites, I'll let everyone know.

July 2010

Pete's first solo single, 'Never Marry An Icon", will be released in the coming weeks and available for download via iTunes and other digital music sites. The track is the first release in Pete and Steve's own fledgling digital label, BRISTAR Records.

A promotional video is also being made for the single; it will also be made available as a download.

Steve has asked everyone to be patient and stay calm. He "guarantees 1000% that this is happening, pending, and imminent release news."

January 2010

'Dead or Alive LIVE' !

Pete and Steve are in the process of together a band with a view to touring this summer. The shows will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the release of 'You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) ', and will showcase the new songs and tracks that Pete and Steve have been working on, including 'The ART' AND 'Never Marry An Icon', (release dates imminent)

In addition, open auditions for band members to join and play on the up-coming tour will begin in February, and Pete and Steve would like
any musicians interested to submit a C.V, with photos, and video link if possible to They are looking for keyboard players/programmers, guitar/bass players, drummer/percussionist, backing singers.

Agents and promoters are welcome to submit offers for dates to TRS, which will be forwarded directly to Pete and Steve for consideration.

Deadline for submissions is Feb 28th 2010, so if you are looking for an exciting and different Summer, get moving!

Love Pete and Steve

September 2009

Above is the artwork for the upcoming track by Pete Burns and the Dirty Disco. Available soon on iTunes!!

August 2009

From the Dirty Disco MySpace Blog:

As you know The Dirty Disco have been working with Dead or Alives Pete Burns on some new material. These songs should surface soon...
Adam and Kyle (The Art) were also commissioned by Dead or Alive to re record a 2009 version of their monster hit You Spin Me Round, which is on itunes now:
You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) (2009)
It's for a US deal and won't be being re released (again!) - We all know how much Pete is "sick of that song", as he told Davina the last time it was re-released back in 2003.
Nevertheless, it is available and you can check it out to whet your appetites for the new tracks, coming soon....
Adam and The Dirty Disco Boys and Girls

July 2009

We are pleased to confirm that Pete has co-written two new tracks with The Dirty Disco- these songs are called 'The Art' and 'Never Marry An Icon'. This collaboration will be billed as 'Pete Burns and the Dirty Disco'. They will soon be available on iTunes, so watch TRS

A merchandising deal has also been completed and there will soon be a line of Pete Burns / Dead Or Alive merchandise available via TRS, such as T-shirts, fleece tops, etc. Full details such as prices and ordering procedures will be posted when available.

June 2009

Steve has reported that Pete's new tracks are fantastic !!!
Its a collaboration with The Dirty Disco:
More news when they have finished recording and mixing.

Pete has done an interview for Pride Magazine.

June 4- Pete will be on Big Brother's Big Mouth this week!

April 2009

Steve has confirmed that he is officially back as manager for Pete / Dead Or Alive. He and Pete are working on new material with a view to releasing later this year, possibly a new single to preview a new album in the summer. There will be exciting collaborations with known artists, more news to follow very soon. They are actively seeking a new record deal.

March 2009

Vintage photos of Pete will be included in an upcoming photo exhibition showcasing the work of FRancesco Mellina. See this press release for more information. We also have a fab flyer designed by Andrew (MrRaysWigworld on the site forum).

March 15- Happy Birthday Steve!

For those interested in purchasing some Dead Or Alive memorabilia, the following items are still available:

- The purple outfits from the 'Spin Me' video, the one Steve wore.
- Steve's Gaultier leather jacket from the 'Save You All My Kisses' video.

Both item are 1000£ each

February 2009

Whats On | MTV UK – Saturday 28th February 2009 at 21:00 - VH1's Greatest Album Ever Top 10. Join Edith Bowman, Pete Burns and Suggs as they take an in-depth look at the Top 10 albums of all times.

He will also be on ITV on Wednesday February 18th to discuss body bar with Nick Ferrari on the Alan Titchmarsh show on ITV.

January 2009

Hope that everyone's Christmas and New Year's was fab. Thanks to all of you who sent in good wishes for Pete- they were appreciated!

More details will follow, but those of you who have been wanting for years to own some rare Dead Or Alive items will soon have their chance. Keep checking the site regularly, because the following pieces of band history will soon be available for purchase. Prices and details to be announced:

-The purple outfits from the 'Spin Me' video
-Pete's leopard skin suit from the "Sophisticated Boom Boom" album cover
-Pete's leather biker jacket from the 'My Heart Goes Bang' video: the cool one with the mirrors on the front.
-Petes black velvet beaded Gaultier matador jacket- the one he wore for the 'Mad, Bad, and Dangerous To Know' sleeve.
- Steve's Gaultier leather jacket from the 'Save You All My Kisses' video.

There will also be some rare exclusive photos from the band collection, as well as videos, unreleased tracks, posters, and tour merchandise. Please continue to visit this site and forum for updates.

December 2008

Pete, Steve, Michael, and everyone at TRS would like to wish all friends and fans a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

September 2008

Petes performance at the On Song Festival on September 12 was a success!! View some YouTube clips of the performance here:

Unfortunately Pete will not be performing at September 14th'th S.O.P.H.I.E. Charity Event at DV8 in Birmingham. Pete remains strongly supportive of the cause, but mutual terms ultimately could not be reached, and both Pete and the event organizers were disappointed that he could not be included in the lineup

August 2008

Pete Burns appearing at Eric'sPete will be performing with Julian Cope on September 12 for an Eric’s revival as part of the On Song festival at Carling Academy, Liverpool. Tickets £20 advance, doors 7pm. For more information please see this article from the August 11 edition of the Liverpool Echo. See a poster for the event here!

August 5- Happy Birthday Pete!!

June 2008

We regret to inform fans that for health reasons, Pete will be unable to participate in this summer's Regeneration Tour as planned.

May 2008

Due to unforeseen circumstances Pete will not be appearing at Rainbowfest 2008 at Queens Links in Aberdeen.

Pete will be appearing at Gay And Lesbian Pride in the Yumbo Centre in Gran Canaria on Saturday May 10. In the meantime, he's busy in the studio, working on his forthcoming album, GLAMPIRE.

April 2008

April 26- We have a 30 second sample MP3 of 'Honeysuckle Rose", one of Pete's new tracks, available for you to listen to! (Note: after the track plays, other items in the playlist, like the Stern interview, will begin)

April 15- We have posted a few photos from Pete's April 5 performance at Nightingales.

April 12- Pete is delighted to announce that he will participating in the REGENERATION TOUR as well as doing other shows in the U.S. this Summer 2008.

More shows are to be announced. Whilst the above dates are confirmed, please be aware that they may be subject to change.

Pete is also thrilled to confirm that he will start to record material for a new album in a London studio from next week.

April 9- Please click here for a statement about the gig at the Birdcage in Manchester. Sincere apologies to anyone who was disappointed by the unexpected cancellation.

April 4- Pete is performing this month at:
-Nightingales, Birmingham on Saturday 5th April
(click here for flyer)
- 'Poptastic's 12th birthday party @ the Birdcage, Manchester on Tuesday 8th April. See some advance press for the Manchester appearance.

On April 7 Pete will be filming a one hour documentary for Japanese TV, and April 9-10 will be spent filming a one hour Biography Channel special. Airtimes to be announced.

March 2008

If you missed Pete's appearance at the London Astoria on March 8, here's a brilliant video recap.

DeadOrAlive.Net is pleased to announce the launch of an official online shop. Books, CDs, and limited edition items are now available for purchase, and more items will be added in the future.

For more information about the upcoming gig at the Birdcage in Manchester (Poptastic's 12th Birthday), click here.

More appearance dates are being announced:

Saturday 10th May - Gran Canaria Pride Festival
Saturday 17th May - Blackpool Pride Festival
Saturday 7th June - Mynt Club, Belfast
Saturday 27th September - TWISTED, Malmoe, Sweden

For those of you who missed Pete on the Howard Stern show, we've added a copy of the interview to the network playlist on the Dead Or Alive Social Network. Have a listen!

March 15- Happy Birthday Steve!!

Pete will be headlining the 2008 Rainbowfest in Aberdeen. The event is to be held on the beach front at Queen's Links Aberdeen on Saturday 5th July.

Pete has done an interview in the GENDER AGENDA ISSUE of UK's I.D. Magazine.

Gozra Lozano has provided us with two images of Pete from his exhibition. The exhibition has been featured in Time Out Magazine.

We have some more confirmed appearance dates for Pete:

- THE CLUB in STOKE on Saturday 22nd March
-Nightingales, Birmingham on Saturday 5th April
(click here for flyer)
- 'Poptastic's 12th birthday party @ the Birdcage, Manchester on Tuesday 8th April

Fans can buy tickets for Nightingales on if you search for Pete Burns.

February 2008

On March 7, Pete will be appearing at the Soho Revue Bar as a special guest DJ for one night only!

Doors: 10:30pm - 3:30 AM. Charge: £5 with flyer or advert until 11:30PM, £10 thereafter. Location: Soho Revue Bar, 11-12 Walkers Court (off Brewer Street), Soho, London, W1

More information is available here.

We are pleased to confirm that Pete will be appearing onstage at G-A-Y on Saturday March 8. Details can be found here.

Gozra Lozano's long-awaited photo exhibition, which features photos of Pete and other celebrated faces, is opening on March 4, 2008 and running until the 18th. There will be a private showing (invitation only) at 6:00 p.m., two hours before the exhibit opens to the public on the 4th.

The location is: The Green Carnation. 5 Greek St. Soho. London W1.

Dusty O has also provided us with some recent photos of Pete. Thanks, Dusty!

January 2008

Carlo caught up with Pete in London last week and sent some terrific pictures for the website.

Gozra Lozano recently photographed Pete for his images book, which will be published in summer 2008. These photos will also be included in Gozra's exhibition in February (together with photographs of Marc Almond, Julian Clary,etc). Exhibition details to follow.

December 2007

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all Pete and DOA fans from Pete, Michael, Steve, and everyone at the TRS web team!

November 2007

Michael has provided us with some candid Pete photos taken during a recent trip to Ireland.

Pete will be appearing on ITV's "Katie and Peter: Unleashed" on November 16.

October 2007

Pete and Michael will be talking to to presenters Fern Britton and Phillip Schofield on ITV1's This Morning on Monday October 8. Pete will also be appearing on "The Night Before Show" (an evening show on Kerrang Radio) presented by Nick Margerrison, and Virgin Radio's "Who's Calling Christian", a breakfast show with Christian O’Connell.

September 2007

Celebrity Wife Swap, starring Pete and Michael, will air at 8pm on Channel 4 on Sunday September 30, followed at 9pm on E4 by the 'aftermath' coverage of the show. has included recent pictures of Pete and Michael in their database. Have a look!

Pete's P.A. airtimes and episode guide can be found here. NOTE: we have received confirmation that the airing of the first episode has been moved forward to October 8.

August 2007

Pete will be presenting Big Brother's Big Mouth the week of August 13. Be prepared for surprises and unforgettable presentations! Michael is scheduled to be a guest on one show.

Pete has been interviewed for British gay magazine, axm. It's an in-depth four page interview for the September issue, which is out on August 16th in all good newsagents, WHSmiths and Borders. The website is

Pete and Michael are currently filming for the UK television series Celebrity Wife Swap- the resulting episodes will air in the fall on Channel 4 and kick off the new season.

August 5- Happy Birthday Pete! Thanks to all who are sending in birthday greetings- they are being forwarded to Pete.

'Freak Unique' is now out on paperback and available for online purchase through Amazon UK and other internet booksellers.

July 2007

July 9, 2007- We have posted wedding photos. Thanks to Dusty O and Jason Alburey. More to follow!.

July 6, 2007- We are pleased to confirm that Pete and Michael were married today at Royal Society of Arts building in central London. The long anticipated civil partnership ceremony was held this afternoon. Friends and family of both Pete and Michael were in attendance.

June 2007

June 27- on the set of "Pete's P.A." message from Rose, site webmistress:

I was lucky enough to spend part of the week of June 18-22 on the set of the upcoming Living TV series “Pete’s P.A.” As Pete’s fan, it was an unforgettable experience to be able to watch him at work, enlivening the set with his quick wit and colorful humor. As Pete’s friend, I was proud of the professionalism with which he and Michael tackled each day’s worth of interviews, panel discussions, and activities planned by the potential P.A.s. Think television is easy? It is…only if you’re merely watching it.

Pete and Michael have gone through one adventure after another as teams of aspiring P.A.s schemed and scrambled to impress them. Each day has brought forth a succession of welcome surprises and cringing embarrassments. No spoilers here, but I will say that I had the chance to participate in some
of the fun when the cameras were off. I visited a London hotel where the house champagne averaged three hundred pounds a bottle, strolled through exclusive shops where a commoner like yours truly would normally be classed as a ‘suspicious person’, and even had a whip land across my rear during an unobservant moment. It was wild, it was fun, and most important of all,
never boring.

I met all of the potential P.A.s still in the running at the time of my arrival, and was entertained, impressed, and sometimes horrified at the
lengths they went to in order to achieve the ultimate goal: become Pete’s P.A. The series will air in September on Living TV, and you can, in Pete’s own words, “expect the unexpected.”


Pete will be presenting at ACT ART 5 on June 8th at 9:30 p.m. Location is as follows:

51-53 Southwark St (home of XXL)
Cost : £6-£7-£8-£10

June 5- Pete will be appearing on Big Brother's Big Mouth tonight on E4 at 11:00 p.m.

May 2007

Pete Burns needs you!

Would you love to work for a celebrity? This role is not for the faint hearted!

Are you highly efficient, motivated, organised, flexible, and thick skinned?!

World of Wonder is looking for a multi-talented PA to work for Pete on a new series for Living TV to be filmed in June. The winner of the show will receive a contract.

Do you think you have the skills required and you are ready for the challenge of a lifetime, this could be your dream job! Please email or call 020 7423 3457.

NOTE: you will need to be available to attend auditions in London on 19th May and then for filming from 4th June until 7th July 2007.

April 2007

Pete and Michael have provided this site with stunning and exclusive photos from their own collection. All photos taken by Michael.

NEWS UPDATE: The appearance on TUBRIDY TONIGHT went over really well!

Pete and Michael are flying to Dublin on April 5 to do a show called TUBRIDY TONIGHT. Pete is going to be the special guest star. The programme airs on Saturday night April 7 at 9:30 p.m. Irish time. The channel is RTE.

March 2007

Pete has recently done a photo session with celebrity photographer and former Haysi Fantayzee chanteuse Kate Garner. Kate has photographed Pete as part of her amazing Identity Artist series, which has included Leigh Bowery and JT Leroy. More information on Kate and the Identity Artist series can be found here.

Celebrity BB from 2006 has been nominated for an award at this year BAFTA TV Awards. The programme is nominated for the Pioneer Audience Award for the Best Programme 2006 – the ONLY award at ceremony (held on May 20th) to be voted for by the public. This means that you can get behind the shows you love and see favourite stars like Pete win the award! The link to the site is here:

March 15- happy birthday Steve!

On March 1, the CBS TV programme "The Insider" broadcast a segment about Pete's cosmetic surgery nightmare.

January 2007

Pete will be doing a live radio interview with presenter Maurice Boland of R.E.M. fm on January 4 at 7:15 p.m. UK time. You can listen live via the station website.

October 2006

"Pete Burns Unspun", the long-awaited World of Wonder documentary will be airing on LivingTV on Thursday, November 30, at 9:00 p.m.

September 2006

We've received confirmation that the special that Pete filmed for Granada Television in August - "Pete Burns' Cosmetic Surgery Nightmares "- will be airing on November 2, 2006 at 9:00 p.m. on ITV3.

Pete has done an interview for Australian publication Sx. Read it here.

August 2006

Pete is currently hard at work in the studio laying down tracks with producer and DJ Paul Masterson, whose professional credits include work with Kylie, Hed Kandi, and Fatboy Slim. More details and a great shot of Pete in the studio here.

Pete and Michael have provided this site with photos from the set of Pete's recent appearance on a TV special which will be airing in early September. Details will be posted once confirmed. (Note: if you have pop-up blocking enabled on your computer, please disable that feature to see the pictures!)

August 5- Happy Birthday Pete!!

July 2006

We are pleased to confirm that what you have heard is true: Pete is the focal point of an intriguing and intense documentary produced by World of Wonder. W.O.W.'s past production credits include "Pop Sex: Sex in the 80s" and "Angelina: Saint or Sinner?" Visit W.O.W.'s website for an ongoing commentary on the project, and we hope to have some exclusivities on this site soon!

May 2006

Pete would like to thank all friends and fans who have supported him in recent weeks. On a more sober note, there has been a problem lately with individuals masquerading as Pete and registering for and similar accounts. Some of them have used this guise to solicit money, etc. Pete has not and never will sign up for any of these services, so if you see a 'Pete Burns of Dead Or Alive' profile, it's a fake.

"Freak Unique" is available for online order through internet retailers such as Amazon UK, or in-store purchase at retail locations such as HMV.

April 2006

We have been advised that the publication date for "Freak Unique" has been pushed forward to mid-May. We will advise if this should change.

March 2006

March 29: Pete is scheduled to do an interview on Drivetime radio (Capital FM) tonight commencing at 7:00 pm. You can listen online here.

March 15: Happy Birthday Steve!!

We are calling upon Dead Or Alive fans to submit their Pete Burns / Dead Or Alive photos for possible inclusion in the upcoming Pete Burns biography, "Freak Unique." Photos must be scanned at a minimum 300 dpi and be of good quality. Deadline for submission is March 13, 2006.

Anyone submitting a photo for consideration MUST OWN the copyright on the image and agree to grant world wide rights for the photo's reproduction. All images used will be properly credited.

Please send images to

February 2006

Pete will be appearing on the television show "Friday Night Project".

Pete is planning to be in Paris on February 28 for a special guest spot at Vivienne Westwood and Chanel.

Pete took part in the grand final of Miss Great Britain 2006 at the Grosvenor House Hotel on February 25, 2006.

"Freak Unique", the long-awaited Pete Burns biography will be coming out via John Blake Publishing on April 20, 2006 and is available for preorder.

On February 9, Pete and Michael will be appearing on "Richard and Judy". Pete will also be appearing on "London Tonight.", and has done an interview with Closer magazine.

"You Spin Me Round" has entered the UK charts at No 5 and is still climbing. In addition, a recent study by web research firm Hitwise indicates that out of all of the Celebrity Big Brother contestants, Internet users did the most web searches for information about Pete.

"Spin Me" (see January 2006 news heading) is now in the UK stores and available for order through your favorite online music retailer!! On February 6, the re-released "Evolution" will also become available.

Pete and Steve would like to express their thanks to the loyal fanbase who supported Pete during his appearance on "Celebrity Big Brother", and extend a welcome to the new fans attracted by the show. Fasten your seatbelts!!

January 2006

Steve Coy is currently in talks with Sony to bring about an anticipated January 30 re-release of "Spin Me" in the UK, to be followed by a reissue of EVOLUTION on February 6. Expect 2006 to be an exciting and active year for Dead Or Alive!

1. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) - Original 7" Version
2. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) - Murder 12" Version
3. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) - Metro 7" Edit
4. You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) - CD-Rom Video [2003 Version]

Pete has joined an eclectic group of housemates in the Celebrity Big Brother House, and already the controversy and camaraderie are arriving in equal doses! On January 7, he performed "Spin Me" for his live and Internet audience and received a standing ovation!

To view a live video feed, visit the CBB website. (Credit card payment required). Fans are also welcome to join the official Dead Or Alive Fan Forum and discuss the show's developments. Registration and reading of the forum guidelines required. You can also visit our CBB photo lineup in the site gallery (thanks to David Gibson and the CBB site for the images.)

December 2005

Pete will be appearing on the hit UK TV series "Celebrity Big Brother" starting the first week of January 2006. Pete is very excited about this first TV appearance in a long time.

August 2005

August 5- Happy Birthday Pete!

July 2005

The 12" Singles collection release, originally scheduled for July 6, has been postponed. An online petition encouraging a definite release date has been set up here . Thanks to the fans of TRS Forum for setting it up and keeping it going. This delay was not Pete and Steve's decision, and your support in demanding the collection's release is encouraged.

May 2005

Pete has provided us with more candid photos from his own collection. Visit them here.

Sony Music Japan has a tentative release date of July 6, 2005 for the much-awaited Dead Or Alive 12" singles collection. The HMV Japan website currently has a tracklisting and preorder option.

Pete has provided us some previously unpublished photos from the photo sessions for the 'Evolution' release. You can see them on the Gallery page (they are the last seven pictures in the General Image Gallery section).

April 2005

April 22 is the official release date for "Rocket", the eclectic and vibrant CD tribute to Dead Or Alive. Released by Section 44 and given its initial conception and momentum by Ireland's Empire State Human, you can find a tracklist and dedicated website to the release right here.

February 2005

Pete has provided us with some more candid shots from his own personal collection. Exclusive to this website.

September 2004

The Right Stuff has posted some candid shots of Pete from his own personal collection. Exclusive to this website.

August 2004

August 5- Happy Birthday, Pete!

June 2004

You may now read the ATTITUDE interview in this site's PRESS section.

Pete has been interviewed by ATTITUDE magazine about the release of "Jack and Jill Party". The magazine will be in newsstands the week of June 25.

"Rip It Up" will be reissued in Japan on July 22, and be available via import in other countries. This 9 track CD includes a bonus track: "Turn Around And Count 2 Ten: The Pearl & Dean I Love BPM Mix".

May 2004

"Jack and Jill Party" will be available through the Pet Shop Boys website on June 7. A press release is provided courtesy of this website. (Note: file is a zipped .pdf, so you will need Winzip to open it and Adobe Acrobat to view the contents).

You can now listen to a sneak preview of "Jack and Jill Party" on the Pet Shop Boys website. Three different mixes will be available: extended dance mix; single mix; and instrumental. The song, the second to be released through the PSB Olde English label, will be available on vinyl and CD for purchase through the PSB official site.

April 2004

"Jack and Jill Party" has recently been remixed by mixer/producer Bob Kraushaar. We're still waiting for confirmation as to a release date for the single. In the meantime, you can have a sneak preview of the lyrics right here. (Rose's note: Pete adjusted the lyrics slightly while in the studio!)

March 2004

March 15- happy birthday Steve!

February 2004

Pete completed the vocals for "Jack and Jill Party" on Friday, February 13. He returns to the studio on the following Tuesday for the finishing touches. According to the PSB website, the song will be the second release on Olde English Vinyl, the PSB label.

We now have photos of Pete's appearance with the Scissor Sisters. Thanks to Lyle Gove for the images. Pete wants everyone to know that he enjoyed the performance and loved meeting the fans who were able to make it.

January 2004

Pete will be performing a song with the Scissor Sisters at The Cock (being held at Crash in Vauxhall) on Saturday, January 31. Showtime will be after midnight.

We now have screenshots of Pete's LK Today appearance. Thanks to Rob Shone.

Pete will appearing on Lorraine Kelly's show, LK Today, on Tuesday January 6. He is also being interviewed for a future issue of NOW magazine.

Lighthouse Magazine, featuring a 6 page interview with Pete (titled ICON) is now out.

December 2003

December 24- Dead Or Alive would like to wish all DOA fans a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Among the projects that Pete has planned for 2004 are "Jack and Jill Party" with a tentative February release date on the Pet Shop Boys label, and two written works, one a biography and the other a book of unique verse and poetry.

Pete will be appearing live on Liquid News (BBC3) on Wednesday, December 17. Among the topics he will be discussing is his view on the Michael Jackson case.

THE FACE issue featuring Pete is out this month. ID magazine has also included Pete in a 'celebrity question' feature in the issue released the week of December 15.

November 2003

Pete will be appearing on the Granada TV programme This Morning on Friday, November 21. He will be discussing his experiences with plastic surgery, a topic he has been asked to write a column about in Ice magazine. UPDATE: screenshots of Pete's appearance can be found here. Thanks to Marc Massive.

Pete is pleased to confirm that he will be recording the song that the Pet Shop Boys have written for him, "Jack and Jill Party". Work on the project begins the week of November 24.

photo courtesy of alexcalledsimon

Pete and Michael are doing a photo shoot for an Icons/Heros edition of THE FACE magazine.

October 2003

Pete had a great chat with Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys at the October 15 premiere of "Disco Party Monster", and had a discussion about the possibility of recording together in the near future. We'll keep you posted as this possible project develops.

August 2003

August 5- Happy Birthday Pete! Thanks to all the fans who posted greetings on the forum and sent good wishes through the website.

July 2003

We now have photos of DOA's appearance at London Pride.

We have received a number of emails at the site asking if the DVD is going to be released in North American format (NTSC). Sony USA currently has no plans for a future release, but should that situation change, we will post details here.

"Spin Me" is scheduled for an Australian release on July 18, with EVOLUTION following on August 1.

June 2003

The release date for the EVOLUTION DVD has been pushed forward to July 7. HMV and other online retailers will be carrying the DVD.

Dead Or Alive are pleased to confirm their appearance at London Gay Pride on July 26.

The RIGHT STUFF has been given an advance preview of the EVOLUTION DVD. Our review is here.

Pete has been doing a lot of American press in anticipation of EVOLUTION's June 24 release. Among the publications he has appeared in are Billboard Magazine, HX, and NEXT. In the Uk, he is scheduled to appear on Lorraine Kelly’s show Tuesday June 24, and Graham Norton in July (airtime TBA).

The EVOLUTION DVD is scheduled for release on June 30. Below are the details and tracklisting as we have them at the present time:

Videos in compilation:
1. You Spin Me Round 2003
2. Brand New Lover 12"
3. Something In My House
4. Turn Around & Count 2 Ten 12"
5. Come Home With Me Baby 12"
6. Lover Come Back
7. In Too Deep
8. Save You All My Kisses
9. Your Sweetness is Your Weakness
10. Hooked on Love
11. My Heart Goes Bang
12. That's The Way
13. I'd Do Anything
14. You Spin Me Round (original)

Special Features:
1. Rip It Up - Live in Japan concert

TV Appearances:

  1. Lover Come Back from Razzmatazz (10th April 1985)
  2. Misty Circles from Razzmatazz (21st June 1983)
  3. Flowers from Celebration (20th November 1980)
  4. It's Been Hours Nowfrom Exchange Flags (1982)
  5. Rebel Rebel

EVOLUTION will be out in the US on June 24.

Pete will be holding a live chat on June 24 via