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Career Timeline


  • August 5 - Pete Burns is born in Port Sunlight, England


  • Pete takes a job at Probe Records working with Pete Wylie
  • November 4 - Pete Burns, Pete Wylie, and Julian Cope perform at Eric's as The Mystery Girls


  • Pete forms the band Nightmares In Wax and is picked up by Inevitable
  • February - Birth Of A Nation EP is released
  • Pete changes the bands name to Dead Or Alive


  • May - Im Falling is released
  • Dead Or Alive break up, Pete holds on to the name
  • August - Pete and Lynne are married


  • Wayne Hussey, Mike Percy, Joe Musker, Martin Healey and Steve Coy join with Pete to form the new Dead Or Alive
  • May - Number Eleven is released


  • February - I'ts Been Hours Now EP is released
  • May - The Stranger is released
  • July - Epic signs Dead Or Alive to its label
  • Dead Or Alive begin their first tour


  • May - Misty Circles is released
  • August - What I Want is released
  • October - Sophisticated Boom Boom LP is completed, produced by Zeus B. Held


  • January - I'd Do Anything is released
  • February - Dead Or Alive begin their 2nd tour
  • March - That's The Way (I Like It) is released (#22)
  • May - Sophisticated Boom Boom LP is released (#29)
  • ALIVE is pressed in Germany (300 copy live bootleg LP)
  • June - What I Want is re-released
  • Work begins on the 2nd album
  • Dead Or Alive now consists of Pete Burns, Steve Coy, Mike Percy, Tim Lever
  • November - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) is released (#1)


  • March - Lover Come Back To Me is released (#11)
  • May - Youthquake LP is released (#9)
  • June - Dead Or Alive embark on a short tour to promote Youthquake
  • June - In Too Deep is released (#14)
  • September - My Heart Goes Bang is released (#23)
  • Pete, Lynne, and Steve along with the band move to London


  • Work begins on the 3rd album
  • September - Brand New Lover is released (#31)


  • January - Something In My House is released (#12)
  • February - Mad, Bad, And Dangerous To Know LP is released (#27)
  • March - Hooked On Love is released
  • Dead Or Alive tour Japan and America
  • September - I'll Save You All My Kisses is released
  • Rip It Up is released in Japan and America


  • Dead Or Alive continue to tour Japan and America
  • August - Turn Around And Count 2 Ten is released


  • Dead Or Alive now consists of Pete Burns and Steve Coy alone
  • July - Come Home With Me Baby is released
  • August - Nude, the fourth album is released
  • September - Baby Dont Say Goodbye is released in Japan and America
  • October - Nude Remade, Remodelled is released in Japan


  • Dead Or Alive part with Epic and have no representation outside of Japan
  • Dead Or Alive tour Japan
  • December - Fan The Flame (PT 1) is released in Japan
  • December - Your Sweetness Is Your Weakness is released in Japan


  • Dead Or Alive tour America
  • April - Gone 2 Long is released in Japan
  • September - Unhappy Birthday is released in Japan


  • December - Pete does a small tour of America, Love Pete is available at the shows (later bootlegged as Fan The Flame (Pt 2) )


  • Steve Coy takes over as manager for Pete Burns and Dead Or Alive


  • April - Pete teams up with the Italian dance group GLAM to release Sex Drive
  • Pete Burns and GLAM tour Italy to promote Sex Drive
  • Pete and Steve sign with PWL as International Chrysis
  • June - Rebel Rebel is released under the name International Chrysis
  • Work begins on the new album


  • Pete changes the name of the band back to Dead Or Alive
  • Dead Or Alive leave PWL
  • March/June/July - Dead Or Alive perform in Scotland and France promoting Nukleopatra
  • Dead Or Alive sign with D.A.C.O. Records in the UK
  • Steve Coy leaves Dead Or Alive, Pete dissolves the record deal with D.A.C.O.
  • October - Nukleopatra is released in Japan
  • October - Sex Drive (Dead Or Alive Remix) is released in Japan
  • Pete performs solo throughout the UK
  • Steve Coy returns as manager/producer for Dead Or Alive, Dean Bright and Jason Albury join the band


  • Dead Or Alive sign with different labels worldwide including RKG, VMP, and Dance Pool
  • Nukleopatra is released in Australia, Singapore, and South Africa
  • You Spin Me Round (96 Remix) is released in Australia and Singapore
  • June - Dead Or Alive tour Australia and perform in America and England
  • Sex Drive (96 Remix) is released in Australia


  • February - Dead Or Alive perform in America
  • June - Nukleopatra is released in France
  • August - The Right Stuff, the official website for Dead Or Alive goes online
  • You Spin Me Round (97 Remix) is released in France
  • Dead Or Alive tour France and Scotland
  • October - Dead Or Alive perform in America
  • December - Sex Drive (97 Remix) is released in France


  • April - Dead Or Alive sign a record deal with Los Angeles based label CLEOPATRA RECORDS.
  • August- Dead Or Alive release NUKLEOPATRA in the US.
  • October- Dead Or Alive perform a Hallowe'en gig at Trilogy in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • December- Pete performs solo at the Astoria club in London (see photos on this site!!)


  • February- Pete appears in a UK music documentary titled 'A Walk On The Wild Side'.
  • March- Virgin Voices, a tribute to Madonna, is released on Cleopatra Records. DOA have contributed a cover of the B-side 'Why's It So Hard'.
  • April- The 'Spin Me/Sex Drive' CD digipack is released on Cleopatra.
  • July- We Will Follow, a tribute to U2, is released and includes the DOA cover of 'Even Better Than The Real Thing'.
  • October- 'Pop Life', a cover of a Prince tune, is released as part of Cleopatra's Prince tribute Cd, Party O The Times.


  • February- Fragile, the latest DOA album, is in the works.
  • August- Pete And Steve go to Japan for a few weeks to promote Fragile.
  • September- Pete gives The Right Stuff an exclusive interview, which is published on the site in serial form. On the 27th, Fragile hits the Japanese stores and import websites.


  • January- Pete is interviewed for "The Hit Factory", a TV spotlight about producer Pete Waterman.
  • August- Dead Or Alive, armed with a new lineup, perform at the Avex Rave in Japan.
  • October- Pete is interviewed for the "Pop Years", a Sky Television production.
  • December- Unbreakable- The Fragile Remixes is released by Avex Trax.